Edinburgh Zoo really is a treat for all ages to visit and over the past few years some exciting additions have been added that have attracted a lot of attention!

We’re big fans of  Edinburgh Zoo here at The Grassmarket Hotel and many of our guests stay to go to visit the attractions.  So just what’s happening in 2017? Let’s take a look…

Tiger Tracks – Get closer than ever before as you come face to face with our Sumatran tigers in their new enclosure. Tiger Tracks is more than three times the size of our previous Sumatran tiger enclosure. It features a spectacular ground level viewing tunnel for visitors as well as a high level viewing area. Tiger Tracks will also boast climbing structures for the tiger pair, a feeding post, heated rocks to relax on, ponds to splash in and a new indoor house.

The Giant Panda Exhibit –  Everyone has a soft spot Tian Tian and Yang Guang but did you know they only get to meet once a year?  These big black and white bears are a zoo favourite for visitors so we recommend booking your space in advance to avoid disappointment.

Penguins Rock –  This is Europe’s largest outdoor penguin pool with enhanced areas so you can view our flippery friends gracefully swimming underwater.  The penguin parade is not to be missed, it’s when these guys are let loose for a stroll amongst the visitors! Times of the penguin parade can be found in the daily talks page of the zoo website.

The Budongo Trail –  It’s a perfect treat for your very own little monkeys!  Here you can over 40 chimps in this amazing interactive enclosure, they even have their very own ‘hangout‘ rooms to visit depending on what mood there in.

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