Bruntsfield Links is the oldest short-hole golf course in the world and home of The Golf Tavern who have a prime location in one of Scotland’s very few free public golf courses, clubs are available for hire (for a small fee).

If you are joining us at The Grassmarket Hotel it’s a perfect excuse to tee off for an enjoyable afternoon at The Golf Tavern!

If you would like to hire golf clubs and balls, you can do this from The Golf Tavern. For keen golfers, this is a rare historic treat and it’s really worthwhile to say that you’ve had a bash at playing the oldest short-hole golf course in the world!

The Bruntsfield Links Society was founded in 1761. This group of golfers along with the Burgess Society shared the use of Bruntsfield Links for many years. Members for these clubs were made up of local merchants who enjoyed playing golf on the course and drinking ale in the nearby Golf Tavern.

No account of golf history in Scotland is complete without mention of Bruntsfield Links – golf has been played on the Links from as early as the 1700’s when The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh was founded.  Beautifully maintained by Edinburgh City Council’s local green keeper, Bruntsfield Links boasts a fantastic spot of suburban greenery within the bustling capital city.

Believed by some to be the oldest golf society in the world, this ancient golf club can trace its existence back to 1735 from public recordings made in the Edinburgh Almanac from 1834.

Visit The Golf Tavern